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Introducing marvelous laundry and dry-cleaning services

Dear valued customer,

MARVLOUS LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING is committed to providing
Top-notch consistent professional cleaning services, executed with industrial state of-the-art equipment and base on the highest standards of services, workmanship
And client care; while remaining cost effective without compromising customer
Requirements, on the delivery and high level quality of work. We are a reputable
Organization whose specialty is in laundry services as well as manpower outsourcing of unskilled labor.

Our laundry and dry-cleaning services is second to none as we have in our employment skilled and well trained manpower and professional that are responsible for the operation and maintenance of your relevant clothing’s. our laundry and dry-cleaning services relieves you of the burden of maintaining your clothes. We understand everything about fabrics and fiber and how to deal with them. At the point of collection ( POC) your clothes will be properly examined, any stain will be discussed with you and the and the information will be noted to assist our professional in giving your clothes the magic touch it deserves . whenever we fail, we attach a not advising you of the problem. The best advice is when your cloth is stained; bring it to us as soon as possible, this will increase the chance of a positive result

As a valued customer, w e will ask for your name, address and telephone number to open your account. This will allow us to keep an accurate record of every transaction you have with us and also allow us to contact you if we require any further information concerning your cloths because we believe in integrity, transparency and satisfying the need of our valued customer. We collect and deliver your clothing at any location. Simply make an arrangement with our client relationship officer (CRO) when you drop your garment or call our help desk line to arrange the most convenient time and date to deliver to your location. This save you valuable time and fear of being stuck in the logos traffic.

   Over a month ago